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Three Sherlock Holmes

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jonny Lee Miller, do you feel the pressure yet?



Everyone says they was to see Cap pick up Thor’s hammer in AoU, but everyone knows that Cap’s a good guy.

No, what I want is for Natasha to pick it up. In the heat of battle, and it lands beside her, and she gets cornered so she grabs for a piece of debris to attack with and she just swings it completely without meaning too.

Then she realises that maybe she’s good, maybe she’s wiped out the red in her ledger.

Maybe she’ll realise that she’s a hero.

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Madame Tussauds has been overwhelmed by requests for a wax figure of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch and after two sittings and hundreds of measurements, it’s really starting to come together. 

Cumberbatch is going to appear “premiere ready” in a dashing suit when he takes up residence in the London branch of the popular attraction. 

The star himself is excited at the prospect, mostly it seems because he can “finally photobomb” himself. (x)

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'Excuse me sir, do you have a towel?'


'Excuse me sir, do you have a towel?'

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You kill me Jared!

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Natalie Dormer and Katie McGrath do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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do you ever suddenly remember that some people actually have perfect vision and don’t wear glasses because they don’t need them and just stare into space for like 10 minutes wondering what that’s like

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  • me: home alone yes time to fuck shit up and be rebellious
  • me: uses computer without headphones


felicia day is a treasure


felicia day is a treasure

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It is John’s habit to pull the door closed by the knocker, making it hang to the left.  But notice that Sherlock’s practice is not to adjust the knocker to the left, but to the right. He’s annoyed to see that Mycroft has straightened it.  To Sherlock’s mind, it should hang to the right if he is at home with John, or to the left, if John is out. 

These little tiny details are what take this show to some next level shit.

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I don’t understand why I’m doing this. Art?

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Watch Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman when Martin is announced as the winner.  It’s awesome.

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"I’m Missy…Hope my boyfriend wasn’t too mean to you"


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